Benefits of touring Greece in a camper van

Jun 28th 2022

Greece is a multifaceted country with a variety of places to explore all year round: spectacular mountains, breathtaking beaches and hidden “gems”, like rivers and gorges that are worth visiting.

What if you wanted to stay with your friends or your family near a secluded beach for some days and then visit a mountainous traditional village for a couple of more days, too, but still spend a reasonable amount of money?

Then, the absolute solution to your problem is a unique invention, called a camper van!

Combining transport and sleeping accommodation, the camper van is the ideal way to make the most of your holiday and visit any place you want, whenever you want to and for as long as you like.

Let’s delve into the benefits of traveling around Greece in a camper van to get the gist.

But before that:

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5+1 reasons why you should tour Greece in a camper van

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If you are a road trip-lover but you prefer sleeping in your own bed rather than booking several hotel rooms well in advance or feeling inconvenient in a camping tent, then a camper van is the best choice.

But this is not the only advantage of living and traveling in your own camper van during your holiday in Greece.

The main benefits are the following:

1. Cost-efficient

At first, the price you might be asked to pay for renting the camper van -if you don’t own one- may seem to you as a deterring factor.

However, if you think about the number of people you are going to share it with and the number of days you are about to spend traveling around the country, you will probably change your mind.

You must also keep in mind that a camper van is not only about a place to sleep, but also the mode of your transport, your private “restaurant” and bathroom, too.

So in this way, you can save money on restaurants, hotels, taxis or other means of transport. Also, apart from saving money, you can also save time, as planning the routes and using public transport takes much time.

2. Practical & comfortable

In contrast to camping tents, the camper van includes sleeping accommodation in real beds! You can have the comfort of your own bed and also the practical benefits of a converted vehicle.

It is equipped with a basic shower, a toilet, a stove and you can even find fully-equipped vans with air conditioning, a TV, a fridge, dishware and a spare table for memorable gatherings outside the van.

Check out our rental caravans and just enjoy the experience!

3. Feeling close to nature

Touring in a camper van is a unique experience and a great opportunity for you to visit popular as well as off the beaten track places, but most of all, to establish a reconnection with nature.

When you actually sleep next to a forest or next to a secluded beach, you learn to appreciate nature more and forget about the stressful urban environment you have left behind.

The sense of calmness deriving from nature is irreplaceable.

4. Minimalism in everyday life

Camper van and the minimalist lifestyle it entails can help you realize the true sense of living only with the necessary. A unique sunset on a mountain or having breakfast with a view of the Greek sea will make you understand what is precious in life.

Living and traveling in a van with your beloved people and away from the unnecessary luxuries of your house is a great way to see that in reality, you need very little to feel happy and appreciate life itself.

5. True Sense of Freedom

What you can certainly experience by traveling in a camper van, especially in Greece, is the pure sense of freedom. You can travel at your own pace without any special organization or definite plan.

The stressful deadlines and the pressure of everyday life disappear by the time you enter your camper van. You can change your destination whenever you want to and instantly decide to go to northern Greece instead of the Peloponnese, for instance.

6. Being a local in Greece

Having a camper van enables you to live the Greek experience to the full. Greek culture and entertainment are remarkable and you have to experience them as a local and not only as simply a tourist. Choosing a spot that is full of locals rather than tourists can help you get to know Greek culture.

You can actually discover charming bars and astonishing traditional restaurants where you can “taste” the authentic Greek nightlife and cuisine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the best time to tour Greece in a camper van?

Although Greece is a year-round destination, autumn and winter are the ideal seasons for the exploration of its northern parts.

You can enjoy spectacular views, wild nature and quaint villages. During spring and especially summer -though it is more crowded in this season-, you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of sandy beaches and stunning landscapes, too.

Also, you can sunbathe and expose in the sun 😎 to get Vitamin D in abundance.

2. What is the main information I should be aware of when travelling to Greece in a camper van?

For a safe trip with you camper van in Greece, you should keep some important things in mind:

  • Fuel: Diesel as well as unleaded is available almost at every gas station. You can also find autogas in certain areas and you will need the same adapter as the one used in France.
  • Roads: Greek roads are in a relatively good condition. Generally, motorways are in a better condition than provincial or village roads. Moreover, the motorway signs are in green colors and you can find information written in both Greek and Latin.
  • Tolls: In most Greek motorways there are tolls with a variation of prices, depending on where you are. In some cases, you could alternatively use provincial roads parallel to the motorways that will take you through villages and small towns, but you might feel tired to drive long hours.
  • Driving: Greek people drive on the right side and they actually have much confidence while driving. They count distances and speed in km. Using the horn is only a way of preventing an accident from happening. Also, all cars should have a fire extinguisher, a warning triangle and a first-aid kit. It is illegal to drink and then drive. Legally, the limit is 50 mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.
  • Seatbelt: Front and rear seat passengers (adults and children) must wear a seat belt. For children up to the age of 11, the use of a suitable seat restraint is necessary.
  • Campsites: There are several campsites in Greece for motorhomes, camper vans and caravans that can offer you the facilities you need. Make sure that you do your research well in advance.
  • Communication: The signal for mobile phones is generally good in Greece in almost every location. The code for incoming calls is 0030 (+30) and the emergency number is 112 (for EU).
  • Money: The official currency of Greece is the Euro. Almost in all places, you will manage to pay by card. However, in some small villages or local shops, you might have to pay in cash.
  • Supermarkets: In Greece, supermarkets are open from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, you can find some local mini markets and kiosks open to get what you need.

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