Camping with family or alone?

Jun 19th 2022

It is said that “life is better by the campfire”, but the crucial question that arises is: with your family or alone? Some prefer spending and sharing their precious camping moments with their beloved family members, while others opt for a more lonesome type of camping holidays.

In both cases, staring at the twinkling stars at night or the sense of becoming one with nature 24/7 makes camping a unique experience and for some people it is the definition of living life to the full.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of family camping and solo camping, though the final decision is up to you.

Family camping

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Are you thinking of going camping with your children this summer, but you are still hesitating to make a decision? Well, although it might sound a bit exhausting, camping with family can actually be rewarding and productive for the whole family.

The most common pros and cons of family camping are the following:

Pros of family camping

1. Time for family bonding

Camping provides a sense of re-connection among the family members, as it is a shared experience that makes them feel re-united.

The daily routine of home life is forgotten even for a few days and by leaving aside distractions, such as tablets, TVs and mobile phones, you can spend some quality time with your beloved ones.

2. Spending time outdoors

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, camping can offer you a great chance to spend some time with your family outdoors.

Outdoor activities or games are refreshing for both you and your children and can quickly help you recharge your batteries.

Cycling, hiking, rafting or even planting a tree can be an out-of-the-ordinary experience that you can’t possibly share with them in the city.

3. Exploring nature

Camping is all about exploring nature. There’s nothing more rewarding than waking up to the morning song of birds or falling asleep while listening to the sound of the sea.

Even the navigation of the area around your tent can become a real adventure for your kids and an opportunity for them to explore and see some rare flora and fauna species for the first time.

4. More affordable than a vacation

Camping is much more affordable than booking a vacation at a hotel. The reservation of a camping site comes at affordable prices and often on any budget.

You can also prepare and pack some food or snacks to take with you, so that you don’t spend money on meals if you plan to go camping for an extended amount of time.

Cons of family camping

1. A scary experience for children

Camping can sometimes become a scary experience, especially for children or first timers.

Every little noise coming outside the tent, an insect or the total darkness at night can possibly make your children feel scared.

Also, first timers that are not familiar with this kind of holiday may feel like a fish out of water.

2. Camping activities are not for everyone

Some camping activities, especially those that are too adventurous or requiring fitness, can make some family members feel left out.

This becomes more often when grandparents also join your camping trip.

3. No availability or expensive camping sites

Some popular camping sites can either be expensive or fully booked if you don’t book them well in advance.

You should reserve your favorite spot without any delays, as some beach spots are usually booked up many months beforehand.

This is also a fact if you want to find affordable prices as well.

Solo camping

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Who says that camping is only a group activity?

On the contrary, there is a large number of people who strongly believe that solo camping is one of a kind and is far better than camping with others.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of camping alone?

Pros of solo camping

1. Precious “me time”

Going on a camping trip alone gives you time to be by yourself and allows you to appreciate “me time” more.

The stressful modern life in big cities distracts and prevents you from gathering your own thoughts.

Solo camping is a unique opportunity to recharge your batteries, relax and appreciate “me time” more.

2. Privacy and Seclusion

Do you desperately want to spend some time away from your noisy roommates or simply everyone?

Camping can give you the sense of privacy that you need the most and also seclusion and detachment from people who make you feel uncomfortable.

3. Relaxing in nature

Does nature make you feel relieved from stress and other negative feelings that affect your daily life? Try solo camping and you will definitely notice a great change in your emotions.

The natural environment that surrounds you can help you center your mind and relax your body. Fresh air and oxygen also affect your well-being positively to a great extent.

Cons of solo camping

1. Safety

Safety is the first and foremost disadvantage and concern that comes to mind concerning solo camping.

Going camping all alone, in a far away place or maybe into the wild, makes you an easy target for either wild animals in nature or potential criminals.

However, this would not be the case if you were accompanied by other people.

2. Tiredness

On the one hand, going camping alone is about reaping all the benefits of the camping experience for yourself, but on the other hand it also means handling all the difficulties on your own.

In solo camping, responsibilities are not divided to many different people, so you are responsible for starting a fire, setting up the tent, cleaning and doing the rest of the camping chores alone.

In this way, instead of feeling relaxed, you will actually have less time to rest than you initially thought.

3. Sense of loneliness and boredom

Solo camping means gathering your own thoughts, relaxing and learning how to be by yourself.

However, being alone in nature and without any socializing for a long period of time can make you feel lonely or even bored. In this case, you shouldn’t give up at once.

Try taking up a new hobby like knitting or reading an interesting book.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to camp alone?

As in any other kind of solo outdoor activity, in solo camping there are also certain prerequisites so as to ensure your safety. First of all, you should be well-prepared, taking the necessary equipment with you and of course, not overestimating your abilities.

You should also be aware that no-one will be there to rescue you if you are injured. Thus, you should learn some things about the surrounding area in case you need medical assistance.

Moreover, before choosing a camping site you should look for the potential risks or threats that there might be, such as predatory wildlife, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during your camping trip.

2. What are the main dangers of solo camping and how can I deal with


In solo camping there are three main kinds of dangers and there are certain ways you should deal with them:

  • Wildlife: There are many camping sites where you run the risk of encountering wild animals. You should do some research before booking your camping site, but, in any case, you should be equipped with the necessary protective gear to defend yourself.
  • Weather conditions and forces of nature: Avoid going camping in a flood-risk area, especially in winter. Also, avoid camping in a forest when the weather is windy, because it is possible that a tree will fall upon your tent. Do some research beforehand and check the weather conditions of the area well in advance.
  • Criminals: Especially for women campers, there is a sense of fear that solo camping may end up in a nightmarish way. For example, being discovered in the tent by someone whose intentions are not at all good in the middle of the night. Although this is not a very often reported case, you should have a personal alarm device with you and try to keep your mobile phone’s battery charged in case of an emergency.
    In any of these cases, you must keep yourself calm and avoid acting irrationally or panicked to tackle each situation in the best way possible.

At Erodios Camping in Pylos of Greece, you can Book a Campsite with your family or alone! In any case you will have the best camping experience of your life!

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