Navarino Bay - The ultimate spot for water sports

Jul 25th 2022

Navarino Bay is located in front of the town of Pylos. It is a naturally formed harbor that is protected from winds of the open Ionian Sea by the historical island of Sphacteria.

The bay of Navarino is a place of intact natural beauty, with a breathtaking landscape, warm, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.

Apart from its intact natural beauty, there are also significant historical sights; the two medieval castles guarding the bay and standing for the great Navarino naval battle.

This thrilling combination explains why Navarino Bay is the best place for sea activities, like sea kayaking.

Therefore, Navarino Bay serves as the ideal spot to try a variety of water sports.

You can choose the type of accommodation you prefer, from a campsite to a luxurious hotel in the surrounding area, stay near Pylos, so that you can easily reach Navarino bay and explore its most adventurous part.

Let’s have a look at the most important things you should be aware of in the area of Navarino, as well as the top 5+1 water sports that are worth trying when in Navarino Bay.

Costa Navarino - A place of luxury & historical significance

Costa Navarino’s history goes back 4,500 years, so it is a must-visit site loaded with historical significance.

The Battle of Navarino was one of the most crucial battles of the Greek Revolution of 1821. It took place in Navarino on the 20th of October 1827 and it was the last important naval battle fought entirely with sailing ships.

At that time, the Turks, assisted by Egyptians, had managed to gain the upper hand in the Greek War of Independence.

The decisive intervention of the British, French and Russian army though, changed the course of events and led to the defeat of the Turkish and Egyptian navies.

After suffering from Ottoman rule for almost four centuries, the Greeks -with the assistance of European forces- had succeeded in revolting and fighting bravely against their occupiers.

Nowadays, Costa Navarino is the top destination for luxury holidays in the Mediterranean and it is located in the southwest side of the Peloponnese, in Messinia. Its significance lies in the unspoilt seaside landscapes and the exotic views you can enjoy.

It is an ultra-luxury resort that integrates into the surrounding scenery in a harmonious way, offering a wide range of activities and facilities. Furthermore, it is a world-class golf destination.

5+1 must-do water sports in Navarino Bay

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1. Windsurfing

Probably the most appropriate and popular sea activity in Navarino Bay is windsurfing. The sea is perfect for windsurfing, as there is a mild wind in the morning for beginners and a stronger one in the afternoon for the more experienced ones.

For beginners, there are some windsurfing lessons organized by certain resorts, so that you can become a proficient rider. If you are not familiar with windsurfing, you should follow the necessary instructions and learn the right timing, positioning and balance before riding the sailboard.

2. Sea Kayaking

Navarino Bay offers the best conditions for a sea kayaking trip, especially for beginners.

Sea kayaking is one of our most popular activities in Navarino bay, which offers you the chance to enjoy isolation by visiting the adjacent island of Sphacteria.

In this way, you can explore amazing rock formations and sea caves, but also enjoy hidden coves with secluded beaches.

You should be well-informed about all the kayak paddling techniques and safety measures. You can paddle your single- or double-seated kayak in the impressive bay on your own or sign up for the excursions that are organized daily. You can try sea kayaking both privately or in a group..

3. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing evokes a great sense of freedom and can become an addictive water sport. You can find certified and experienced instructors at Navarino Bay who can offer you a range of lessons to choose from, according to your needs.

The sandy and serene beach with thermal winds is the ideal place to be introduced to kitesurfing.

4. Sailing

Sailing is the best sea activity that enables you to enjoy unforgettable sunsets or a full moon around Navarino bay. You can rent a yacht or a sailboat and explore the spectacular coastline of Navarino bay.

You can find full-day cruises that include a tour of the most popular places in Messinia, such as Methoni’s village and castle, Sapienza island, Voidokoilia Beach etc.

If you don’t want to spend the whole day sailing, you can choose a half-day trip instead.

5. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving and snorkeling are a must in Navarino bay. The exotic underwater view is ideal for divers, who can also explore a number of 19th-century shipwrecks, the remains of three ships of Turks from the Battle of Navarino. Historical and archaeological sites are evident not only on Messinia’s land, but also underwater!

Mediterranean marine life, including coral reefs, caves, sea turtles and dolphins are underwater “treasures” waiting to be explored in that area as well.

6. SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding)

Navarino bay and the nearby Voidokilia Beach serve as great spots for SUP, as the water is generally calm and serene for beginners.

Some resorts organize SUP lessons, offering an introduction to the basic safety instructions and the proper ways to handle the equipment. However, you can find SUP tours for all-level paddlers in the location that suits your needs, either flat water or waves.

Navarino is a hot spot for water skiing and canoeing as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any underwater strong currents that make water sports unsafe?

Navarino bay is absolutely safe for water sports. The island of Sphacteria protects Navarino bay from winds that come from the Ionian Sea, rendering it a safe bay, without the danger of underwater currents.

2. What if I’ve never tried water sports before?

Most visitors in Navarino Bay who want to do water sports are first-timers. There are lessons available for beginners, offering the necessary introduction and safety instructions for each water sport in order to be well-prepared and fearless. Also, experienced guides inform you about the best location for each sport.

3. What should I wear to do water sports?

Depending on the water sport you have opted for, you should prefer swimwear or clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. Except for scuba diving, a hat, sunglasses, sea shoes or sandals are recommended for most water sports in order to be protected from the sun. You could also bring dry bags to store your mobile phone or other personal belongings.

4. Are there any water sports suitable for families with kids?

The answer is absolutely positive. A family with kids can perfectly enjoy sea kayaking, sailing, SUP or other water sports that offer the necessary equipment and instructions for young children in groups or privately. Moreover, the sea in Navarino Bay is peaceful and without powerful winds, rendering it a safe spot for enjoyable and adventurous holidays.

At Erodios Camping in Pylos, you can Book a campsite, a caravan or a bungalow to stay with your family and friends, so close to the stunning Navarino Bay!

Feel the real sense of adventure in Navarino Bay and enjoy sea activities in a background of incomparable natural beauty!

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