What to see around Gialova

Jul 11th 2022

If you are planning to visit Greece and specifically the Peloponnese, it’s almost certain that you are going to find difficulty deciding which places to visit, as there is a wide variety of spectacular ones that are worth visiting.

Although it’s not so popular, compared to other cities, Gialova is one of the most picturesque seaside villages that you would ever imagine.

It is located in Navarino bay, in the northern part of Pylos.

Its peaceful natural environment, enchanting beaches and romantic sunsets make Gialova a unique destination that you should undoubtedly include in your itinerary.

Gialova is not only an idyllic place, perfect for relaxation, but it also serves as a summer destination that allows you to explore Greek nature and culture.

The well-known Gialova lagoon, also named Lake Divari, constitutes one of the most significant hydro-biotopes in Europe.

Once you have decided to visit Gialova, have a look at the things you certainly can’t miss around this place.

According to your own preferences, in and around Gialova, there are also beautiful hotels, spectacular resorts, campsites, restaurants, cafes, bars and a lot of stunning beaches.

You would never regret visiting it. On the contrary, you would look forward to booking your holidays for the next year at exactly the same place!

The unique Gialova lagoon

gialova lagoon.jpg

Gialova lagoon (also known as Lake Divari) is located in Messinia, in south Peloponnese and constitutes one of the most important wetlands in Europe with rare flora and fauna species.

It might date to prehistoric times and was created with the aid of tectonic activity and an increase in sea level. These natural phenomena led to the formation of this natural zone of high ecological value and importance.

It hosts a great number of endemic and migratory birds’ species. Gialova lagoon is not only near Pylos, but it is also within a short distance from the legendary Palace of Nestor and the most well-known semicircular dreamy Voidokilia beach.

It is an extraordinary place with evergreen charmness and its ecosystem has become a worldwide attraction to naturalists.

The best beaches around Gialova

1. Voidokoilia Beach

Voidokoilia beach is the most popular beach in Messinia, located in the northern part of Navarino bay.

It is well-known for its unique semi-circular shape, as it resembles a horseshoe or for others, the Greek letter “omega” in its giant form.

It is a dreamy beach with white sand, abundant vegetation and turquoise warm waters.

If you want to learn more about Voidokoilia beach, read this article-complete guide: Voidokoilia - What you need to know about this unique beach.

2. Gialova Beach

The first beach found in Gialova is the one next to the Port. It is perfect for families with young kids.

The big Ionian waves are blocked out by the bay and it is mostly shallow all along.
There are also some nice traditional resorts and hotels there, as well as a few restaurants and cafes.

3. Golden or Divari Beach

In the north part of Pylos, you can pass through Gialova and turn left at the sign for Golden or Divari Beach.

Impressive gold sand and trees that keep the sun away in their shade are the main characteristics of this beach. Due to its extensive size, you can easily find some place to rest.

Its shallowness and calmness make it an ideal beach for young children.

4. Glossa Beach

Glossa is a small, paradisal beach in the form of a bay, next to Voidokoilia beach.

It mainly consists of sand and stone. The rock formations offer a scenic view and there is also clay on the rocks, which you can put on your face and body for beneficial purposes.

It has clean, turquoise waters and it is mostly popular at the high season’s weekends near a cantina on the beach. Keep in mind that it is ideal for nudists.

Activities you can do around Gialova

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1. Waterfalls

If you want to add a little bit of adventure to your trip, you can find some almost hidden waterfalls around Gialova. After a whole day on the beach, you can go to the beautiful Kalamari and Stenosia waterfalls.

Starting from Gialova’s village, the distance to reach the Kalamari is about 3 km and you can pass mostly through the evergreen orchards of olives, which is a typical landscape of that Greek area.

Stenosis waterfalls are a set of multiple stunning waterfalls including a hiking trail through a gorge. The hiking trail starts after a village called Stenosia, where you can easily get to with the aid of signs at the side of the road.

2. Hiking

In Messinia, the natural formations are abundant and they enrich the incredibly beautiful landscape on the whole. So, some hiking trails that offer you the opportunity to enjoy this impressive scenery from a close distance, are actually irresistible.

One of the best ones starts from Gialova beach, at the western end of the beach that ascends the hill up to the medieval castle named ‘’Palaiokastro’’. The region’s view from the top of the hill is fascinating.

Another alternative hiking route is the cave of Nestor. After reaching the cave, you can take a dip in the sea of the popular Voidokilia Beach.

3. Birdwatching

In Gialova lagoon, more than 270 bird species are recorded out of the total 442 species found in Greece. There are migratory birds that come from Africa, spread to Europe and the whole world.
Gialova lagoon’s ecological importance is undoubted and it is thus, a protected Natura 2000-area.

Some of the rare species found in the Gialova lagoon are cormorans, flamingos, seagulls and imperial eagles. Therefore, you may have the chance to use your binoculars and watch closely a flock of flamingos that rest at the lagoon’s shallow waters.

Except for birds, though, you can find some rare animal species, such as the African chameleon.

4. Sea Kayaking

Navarino bay is in fact a natural harbor and the perfect spot to try sea kayaking. The island of Sphacteria protects Navarino bay from winds that come from the Ionian Sea and serves as the ideal scenery that defines peacefulness.

Its intact natural beauty and the significant historical sights of the two medieval castles guarding the bay and standing for the great Navarino naval battle, explain why Navarino Bay is the best place for activities like sea kayaking.

This activity enables you to explore amazing rock formations and sea caves and enjoy hidden coves with an isolated beach.

At Erodios Camping in Pylos, you can Book a campsite, a caravan or a bungalow to stay with your family and friends and plan an unforgettable trip around Gialova!

Explore its unique natural beauty by trying several activities that are definitely rewarding!

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