Erodios campsite is located next to the sea and 1 minute away from the village of Gialova, in the prefecture of Messinia in the Peloponnese.

Gialova beach is ideal for families with young kids. You will just love it, enjoying the sun knowing that your kids are safe, and having a hell of a time!

Gialova, Messinia

Messinia is one of the most untouched regions in all of Greece. The region has a rich history and unique natural beauty that make it world-class camping, hiking, and biking paradise.

Map of Greece showing Erodios Campsite's location
Erodios Camping


There are a number of attractions worth seeing. You can also explore the nearby archaeological sites.
This is just a taste:

  • The Gialova Lagoon
  • Polilimnio Waterfalls
  • The Archaeological Museum of Pylos
  • Take part in Wine Tours and Vineyards

Ionian Beaches

You can discover more breathtaking Ionian beaches so close to Gialova:

  • Navarino Bay
  • Voidokilia Beach
  • Voidokilia Beach during sunset
  • Pylos
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How to get to Gialova, Messinia

  • Map of Peloponnese showing the route from Kalamata's airport to the Erodios Campsite
  • Landing in Kalamata
    International Airport

    You will find direct flights to Kalamata International Airport from most European Cities. Erodios campsite is just 48km away, approximately a 50 minutes drive.

    50 minutes drive
  • Map of Greece showing the route from Eleutherios Venizelos airport to the Erodios Campsite
  • Landing in Athens International
    Airport El. Venizelos

    You will find direct flights to El Venizelos from almost anywhere in the world. If you decide to spend some time in Athens before coming to Gialova this is an ideal choice. Erodios campsite is 279km away from Athens, approximately a 3 hours drive.

    3 hour drive

Useful Information

In case of an emergency, you should know where the nearest hospitals, banks, and post offices are.
Don't worry, everything is a breath away from Erodios Campsite.

  • What are the nearest health centres?

    • Kalamata Hospital (T: +30 27210 46000)
    • Pylos Health Center (T: +30 27230 22315)
    • Kyparissia Health Center (T: 27610 24051)
  • What currency is used in Greece?

    Τhe euro (€) is the official currency of Greece, which is a member of the European Union.

  • Are there ATMs in Erodios Camping?

    Banks, post offices and more ATMs are available in most villages near Erodios.

  • What's Greece's dialing code?

    Greece’s dialing code is +30

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